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Is Excessive Sneezing Bothering You? Things You Should Know

Ayurveda treatment for sneezing

Excessive sneezing, specially in the morning or on exposure to cold weather or dust is a common medical problem affecting many individuals. Most of the time these people are suffering from a medical condition called Allergic Rhinitis. Allergic Rhinitis is the medical term for Catarrh,…

Sri Lankan Scientist Invents a Quick Cure for Chronic Ulcers

Ulcers with poor healing (Chronic ulcers) can be due to many causes. There are thousands of people who are suffering from poorly healing wound. These wounds are called Chronic ulcers and most of the time has an underlying cause. Ulcers in patients with diabetes (Diabetic…

Acne out with wonders of ayurvedic beauty care

Acne, scientifically Acne vulgaris has become a major issue in current days,The adverse effects can be the main reason why acne is this much highlighted in the society. Nowadays with the aggregated advertising power for beauty culture everybody is interested in having a beautiful,clean,fair face.Abruptly…

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