• Entertainment
    Nehara & Menaka in USA for “Adaraneeya Niagara”

    “Adaraneeya Niagara” is the first Sri Lankan teledrama to be produced in United States. The story of the teledrama  involves two Sri Lankan immigrant families and it is directed by Chithral de Mel. The shooting of the teledrama began in the third week of January and it is reported that the shooting will last for […]

  • Nehara, Nirmal, Facebook and Fans

    The latest news about Nehara Pieris is that she has clashed again with her husband Nirmal, but this time it was not for a family matter but for “Face Book”. Nehara has boasted for having the largest Face Book fan page for an actress in Sri Lanka that has over 100,000 fans. The clash has […]

  • News
    “I have sought legal advice for divorce” – Nehara Pieris

    Last week all the “gossip medias” overflowed with a breaking news about famous tele drama actress Nehara Pieris. The news said that Nehara’s husband has hit Nehara’s father with an ash tray over an argument of Nehara’s secret affair with an another famous tele drama actor Menaka Rajapaksha. Menaka and Nehara were the main  characters […]

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