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How to Import a Vehicle That You Have Used Abroad.

import used car

The price of brand new or reconditioned vehicles is sky rocketing day by day and people are in search of ways to import vehicles with tax concessions to Sri Lanka. The permit holders of vehicles thrive as they have plenty of opportunities to sell their…

Where to get maximum benefits to your NRFC Account

NRFC accounts should be opened in the name of Sri Lankan Nationals or Non-Nationals who had at any time been a Sri Lanka national, while they are resident abroad or within 90 days of their return to Sri Lanka after employment abroad. These accounts may…

Invest in Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds issued by the Government of Sri Lanka

Millions of Sri Lankans work overseas and every year thousands add to that work force. In 2010 266,445 left the island for foreign employment, which were 247,126 in the previous year. Foreign employment continued to be an important and stable source of foreign currency inflows…

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