• Society
    Lodge a Complaint to Police Using SMS

    Now Sri Lankan public can report or make a complaint to Sri lanka police using their mobile phones. This service is a pilot project currently underway in the Southern Province. This project has been introduced to Sri Lanka as a concept to establish community police service by Asia Foundation. Government of Scotland has also come […]

  • Are all Sri Lankan actresses prostitutes ?

    Sri Lankan Tele drama actresses are seems to be going through a bad period at the moment. While couple of them are having their marriage life in jeopardy few were taken in to custody for prostitution. The incident begun after the police has raided a brothel house run by an elderly tele drama actress in […]

  • What is captured in Colombo security cameras so far.

    From December 29, 2010 several important places in Colombo town are under close circuit camera surveliance. Even though it has been just a week; It has been already proven the importance of these cameras in our country. For last seven days nine road trafic accidents have been recorded and 315 incidents of road trafic rules […]

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