• Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Common Menstrual Disorders

    Menstruation is a normal physiological condition during the fertile period of a woman. Menstruation is part of the reproductive function of humans and most women are well adopted to regular flow. However, some women experience abnormal cycle which can affect their life style. In this article, we discuss about the common menstrual disorders and few […]

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    Ayurveda Treatment for Common Women’s Health Issues

    The Head of the Gynecological department of Institute of Indigenous medicine and consultant in Rajagiriya ayurveda teaching hospital Dr.Kaumadi Karunagoda plays a tremendous role in treating women’s disease.  Dr.Karunagodai is a well experienced aurveda doctor and  see patients at Rajagiriya ayurveda hospital. She obtained her first degree in ayurveda medicine (Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and […]

  • Ayurvedic treatment for fibroids

    Identifying fibroids in uterus is much more important as it should be distinguished from the other menstrual problems you have in order to treat them effectively. The number of women who visits ayurvedic hospitals seeking natural treatment has dramatically increased in recent time.  Most of these presentations of women diseases are curable with Ayurveda treatment. […]

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